The Perspective
Tafinaf stands for military standard, no-nonsense solutions. No strings attached... Gain back control over your life.
The Strategy
We teach the art of foresight to give you the best perspective. Welcome to the Moon perspective. Seeing things from the right angle is the key.
The Languages
The world is language. Master a new language faster than you would otherwise. For details, click here. For our leaflet: click here.
The Club
Aimed to be a cozy abode for your body, mind and soul. More about our hubs and recluses when you visit us. We are building a better world.
IT infrastructure
Strategy advice and courses
Language learning methods
Building a better society
Various solutions when you need to finetune your existing Information Technology solutions or redesign them completely to be Tafinaf.
Short- and long-term solutions to make you make less mistakes and avoid pitfalls. Maximum shield against unwanted consequences.
We help you inspire, motivate and energize yourself to a level where you will unlock your true potential to learn languages with ease and efficiency.
Free beds, free catering, free communication and free travel in and between our Club Camp and Center locations worldwide for a fixed price.
You are a top decision maker for the IT infrastructure in your company.
You are a chief decision maker (CEO, CFO, COO etc) or a board member.
You are a global citizen who wants to communicate in many languages.
You are a curious traveler interested in all cultures and willing to liaise.
20 /hour, 0.5-2.5% commission, 50% discount for Club members
150 /hour, 500 /day, 0.5-2.5% success fee, 25% discount for Club members
70 - 800 /course, 75% discount for Club members
Fees (subject to change)
Ca. 9,000 for 3 months, recommended for ex-EU travelers.
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